Everybody wishes for an ideal place to live in. When it comes to home most of want a neat and clean space. A neat and tidy home makes your home worthy to stay. No matter how much you invest in your place. If its not tidy and well-maintained this all will be useless. Cleanliness is an important part of our lives. It should be thought as a priority. Whether it is your personal hygiene or your living space cleanliness should never be ignored. A lot of people focus on buying loads of stuff for them and ignore the fact that at some point they will lack storage. This is the main reason for any place to look messy or untidy. A messy room no matter how expensive furniture is kept in in will lose its worth.
Here are some tips and DIYS to make your home cleaner and a better place to live in.


This tip may not look important but it surely is. You need to try this. Even if you have a small room you can implement on this tip. Whenever you or anyone enters your room there are few things that would be noticed for sure. In case of a bedroom there will be a bed, side tables and in living rooms there are couches, sofas or coffee table. We need to keep extra stuff away from that view. The extra stuff may be kept behind the curtains, in any cabinets, cupboards and if it is a bedroom then under the bed is a best option. If the things are stored out of sight then they will make your room look better and cleaner. One can go for some stylish storage boxes that can serve as accessories and a place to store stuff immediately as well. These can be kept at a side and will not look out-dated or extra.


Hooks may look small but they are beneficial in so many ways. But the places for hooks should be decided mindfully. There must be no hooks in front of the room or at the entrance. These must be on some corners. If your corridor, kitchen or hall looks messy you can place hooks at a corner. These will be useful for hanging scarfs, shopping bags, keys and even shopping bags. These will not occupy much space but will prove best in making your home cleaner. Shelves are the basic and vital accessory to clean your space. Shelves gives an additional storage to your space and can be hanged anywhere you want to. Besides this they are available in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. This will help them to choose accordingly. You can buy them according to the color scheme of your home. You have a variety in shapes as well and they look trendy as well. These surely increase the charm of your interior. You can keep anything you want in them books, files, vases, photo frames anything will look amazing and will give a neat and tidy look. You can even specify shelve for the same things like photo frames at one pair of shelves and vases on the other pair.


Wardrobes are an essential part of your home but if not properly utilized these could be a cause of mess as well. Its very easy to disorganize and create a mess. But then it becomes very time-consuming to unclutter and make your place clean. Clothes are mainly the main reason of mess in bedroom. But this problem can be solved by creating a logical wardrobe. This will help you save time and will make you more disciplined and organized. You just need to put in some effort at first and it will even help you remember and save small items also. you can specify a part of wardrobe for your pants and sweaters and the other portion for your T-shirts and scarfs. This will help you to find you stuff and get ready in lesser time. The other important factor in maintaining cleaner room is to fold your clothes. It may look difficult at first but once you start you get used to of doing it. It helps you get rid of all the chaos you have in your wardrobe. It instantly makes your wardrobe and in turn your room cleaner and tidier. Drawers are necessary for any apartment, room or home. Without them we cant even imagine our lives. Drawers must no be over loaded otherwise you will always create a mess whenever finding something in them. To organize them you can specify them and can place all the same items in them. You can even specify a drawer for your socks so if you are in hurry and need socks. You may know which drawer you have to look into. This will get you rid of all the unnecessary mess. And you will not be frustrated when looking for anything.


If you lack some space and have some extra stuff you just have to specify one corner for all that stuff. If you do work from home, have some business or anything. You can buy storage boxes and place all the items in it. This will help you organize all the stuff at one place. Try to arrange the same things at one corner or in same storage box. This makes easier for you to get find that thing on time. If these are your old books, office files, old utensils. your home grocery on anything in the world. It will be perfectly placed at will make that place look clean.
These are some small tips and tricks that are easy to be apply and implement. All you need is to know when and where you can place additional storage boxes and other items. These will surely make your home a cleaner, a better and a tidier place.