Deep cleaning of the house

Living in a house you clean it almost daily but deep cleaning of the house is important once or twice a year. It’s not an impossible task you can deep clean your house by following simple few steps and your house would look like a new house. You can start up with a few simple steps and it will change your house. Before starting deep cleaning of the house stock up things that you need for cleaning. Things needed for cleaning are:

• Newspaper
• Lint roller
• Mineral oil
• dish soap
• dusting clothes
• Gloves to protect hands
• Vacuum cleaner
• Glass and window cleaner
• Baking soda
Deep cleaning steps:
Steps you need to follow to do a deep house cleaning are:
• declutter before the deep cleaning of house
• clean the windows
• clean the doors
Start with decluttering. Stuff that doesn’t relate to a room or make the room look stuffed sort it out. If some stuff is on the floor piled up or accumulated on the counter pick that stuff up from the floor or counters and make that counter and floor clean. Put that stuff in a place where you can sort it out some other day. When you declutter it would make space in the room and make you motivated to deep clean your house

Deep cleaning of windows

When you start cleaning windows it gives the place a new and fresh look. Use sprays to clean the windows. Remove all the stains and dirt from Windows. Clean windows not only from outside but from outside as well. Wash the curtains. Vacuum the curtains after that instead of pressing them dry clean to fluff them again.



Clean the bathtubs,sink, showers, toilets. Before cleaning them up put some multi purpose cleaner so that it can help you with cleaning the spots of water, shampoo, oil or soap. Don’t forget to wash the base of toilet where the dirt and dribble mostly settle and make it look dirty. Also wash all the taps and the area near the taps because water drops settle there and that’s area looks dirty.
g soda over it and then wipe it off. All the spots of shampoo, soap or water will be cleaned. Put the curtains or bath mats in the washing machine for cleaning. Put the heat on low so that it doesn’t effect the quality of clothes. Also clean the sinks from underneath. Take the drawers out and clean from inside the drawers. Toss the things out that you no longer need or expired. Things you frequently need put them in the front so you can easily access them. Clean the door knobs and handles as well. We forget to clean them these places contain loads of germs which can affect your health.

Cleaning of the kitchen

Start with cleaning the cabinets. Not only clean the outside of the cabinets but also the inside. Dip cloth in some vinegar and clean the inside of the cabinets to remove the grease from the cabinets. After some time take a clean cloth and wipe off the vinegar because moisture in the cabinet might swell it. Start cleaning the refrigerator. Take everything out of it. Clean the shelves and sides of the refrigerator. Before keeping everything back check the expiry date and throws the jars or food that’s expired. Vacuum the vents and coils of the refrigerator with the extension. Dirty could may decrease the efficiency of the refrigerator. Clean the front of refrigerator and freezer as well. Germs settle on these areas and cause infection.
Use new sponge after few days even after putting them in microwave to kill bacteria doesn’t kill all the bacteria. Some of them bacteria are heat resistant. Soak them in bleach water for half an hour. Try to use new sponge after few days.
Clean the stove top. While cooking drops of oil, salt, water etc splash on stove counter and make it dirty. Clean the surface of stove.
Clean the microwave if your microwave doesn’t have self cleaning process clean it yourself. Mix water with vinegar and put this solution in microwave. Microwave it for five minutes. The vapours from it go to every corner of microwave now you can easily clean it.
Before cleaning countertops pick everything up from there. Now you can clean the surfaces under microwave or other stuff. Now you can spray surface cleaner and wipe out all the dirt



Take off all the covers from cushions, chairs. Vacuum all the spaces underneath specially the corners where dust might have made a home. Shampoo the rugs and covers to take the dust out of them. Polish the wooden surfaces. After polish they start shining. Sort the scratches out by rubbing walnut over the surface. Pick the stuff from coffee tables or book tables to polish them. Clean the high ceilings. Clean windows, doors, drawers.
Take off all the bedsheets covers. Clean all of them. Vacuum the mattress. Change the side of the mattress according to directions or change it. Declutter the closet. Take all the clothes out of it. Put the clothes on side that you didn’t use this season. Put them on side to donate to the needy people. Dust all the surfaces like side tables, bed, cupboards. All the hangings or frames take them out and dust them from both surfaces. Mop or vacuum the floor. Cleaning of the floor is also important. Clean the high ceilings all the drawers.
Cleaning of the garden:
Cleaning of the garden is also an important part. Cut the plants. Cut the grass as well. After all that pull the weeds sprouting on your garden. Water all the plants. Grow some new plants or edibles that you like to eat. Grow some flowers in the garden they give a refreshing look.