Life is the name of a constant struggle. Good times and bad times are a part of life and can never be avoided. Both of these times come and go but one’s main goal must be to learn a lesson from them. Life is similar to riding a bicycle and to keep a balance you must continue moving. Difficult times are worse until you understand that because of them you realize your hidden potentials. Whenever life gives you a tough time it is your responsibility to gear up and fight back. One can always find ways to be happy and satisfied all you have to do is believe in yourself. A blessing in disguise is any bad situation that can turn into a happy sight.


The key to happiness is always linked to a strong will. A person can have all things perfect around him or her and still can stress over one thing that goes wrong. Staying optimistic and positive is really important. A person can always find a reason to smile even when nothing feels right. Every person face ups and down in life. We can never know what is going on in anyone’s life. People only share the part of their lives they want to show that does not mean that all others are happy and you are alone fighting your battle. Every person has his or her own battle that they have to fight alone. The more a person stays patient and works on themselves the more they succeed. To stay happy a person can always focus more on not fretting about the little things they have no control over. To stay relax one should always trust in himself. And there is always some space for improvement one could always think of the ways he /she could improve. You can always make a new path and write your own destiny. The world is yours to conquer.


People are always around you. A person can never live without human contact. Some people give you positive energy, some people always try to put you down. And in both cases, you have to survive because life is precious. You can not give up on your life on any other people’s opinion. You should believe that you are going on your own path and you have to reach your destination alone. For this purpose, it is best to try to surround yourself with the people who are supportive and know your worth. We humans should always learn to say NO to things we don’t want. We should know that is hard work and patience will never go wasted. A person should always work on the healing process. Life is too short to cry over anyone’s point of view and opinions. You should never give your potentials away by degrading yourself. A person should find his or her worth in their own eyes. If you look for your worth in others’ eyes and not yours you will be left empty-handed.


The biggest problem we humans have this year is this pandemic. A deadly virus that spreads through human contact. The only urgent solution we had is to isolate ourselves from others. We could only control this pandemic by not going out or meeting anyone. Life got very slow and there were days that the isolation was getting onto our nerves. People went through worst mental conditions they couldn’t tackle the thought of being caught in a place all day and night. But as there is always a positive side to every incident this pandemic has been beneficial for some of us as well. Life was in a hustle before this pandemic and unknowingly we were consumed internally. Then all of a sudden life changed. All people got trapped in their own homes. But has anyone wondered how this is a blessing in disguise? We all went through a period of involuntary growth and self- reflection. Many of us discovered our hidden skills and abilities that would be otherwise be buried under the weight of life’s fast pace. Some of us whipped up new recipes, fixed relations, shared laughter with family, started doing what we love, and hosted virtual happy hours with friends. We all climbed the walls of boredom and this made us realize the importance of things we took for granted. It all gave us the time of healing our body, heart and soul needed.


The pandemic is not a laughing joke it would always remain in our head. In a form of house arrest but the main thing this taught us humans is to be grateful for whatever you have in your life. This pandemic taught us the importance of our friends our families. It helped us realize that how privileged and blessed we are. We could have gone through more difficult time but holding onto positivity always helps. It made us realize that nothing lasts forever we humans are dependent on one another. This show of power and authority is of no use. But caring and helping others can help you fight deadly pandemics as well.


Whenever a person look back he or she may have so many moments that can be labeled as BLESSING IN DISGUISE. When those problems or inconveniences came to person’s life those were the toughest time. But now when one calmly look back he/ she realizes that it was all worth it. Those problems ultimately make people stronger. And if you take life from an optimistic point of view the time when you face that specific hurdles becomes easy as well. Any misfortune can be turned into a fortune. Your life’s biggest tragedies can prove beneficial for you. A person can never know what life is offering them all you can do is to stay hopeful.