No home is incomplete without kitchen. Kitchen is the most important and vital part of anyone’s home. Kitchen is one of the most used room in any home because food is need of everyone and we humans can’t live without eating it is must for our survival. No matter how small your home is kitchen is always a must and it must be functional and practical. Nowadays kitchen are made from simple to modern to luxe all that depends on your budget and how you maintain it. You can take inspirations and can experiment something for yourself as well.
In this article you will get to know some tips and tricks to make your kitchen your dream kitchen.


Flooring covers the most part of your home and while choosing it one should be very mindful. As kitchens are always in use and while cooking, baking, washing dishes there are chances that anything could spill on the fall. If not any edible then water spills on the floor as well. There must be tiles or marble on the kitchen so if something spills it could be cleaned easily and immediately. And there must be no stains left on the kitchen. Wooden floors or wooden tiles are also a great option and these are easy and efficient to use and clean. Flooring can also be different from other room for example if you have carpets in other rooms and carpeting is surely not feasible for your kitchen you can install tiles in it. Other than that it all depends on your taste and choice.


Storage of the kitchen is very important. It should be our priority to adjust the space we have. If you have a spacious then there is no problem but if you have a conjested place then you should try some hacks so all your stuff can be adjusted. Some appliances and tools of the kitchen are optional and some are must. We all need a refrigerator in a kitchen to save our leftover food. Or to any item that needs to be refrigerated before use or anything that can’t be kept at room temperature. Microwave is optional in some homes but most of the people prefer to buy it as it is convenient and time saving. Both of these appliances are not very expensive and comes in the range of most of the people. Stove is the basic tool of any kitchen. There are variety of stoves available. There are some large stoves that has oven installed in them as well. Then there comes electrical stoves that are a bit expensive but they does not produce heat. If you do not have stove that has oven then you can buy oven for kitchen if you love baking. Wash basin and cabinets are other essential part of kitchen. Cabinets and drawers must be very functional and we should avoid stuffing the too much. The utensils and jars in the cabinets and drawers must be well-arranged. This will help you save time and save storage as well. The appliances must be placed on different corners so the kitchen do not look over-filled.


There must be good lightening in the kitchen so you may know what you are cooking. Lightening will also make your mood better and you will be able to cook with great interest. The small details are important of any place. Ventilation is an another great factor. Even if your kitchen is small if it is well- ventilated it is very convenient. You can spend hours and hours in the kitchen if it is well-ventilated. You can install exhaust fan in the corner and it will prevent your kitchen from being over heated. In summers it become really difficult to cook because of the heat of the weather and the stove so exhaust is a life saver these days. And with great light system that must be not to sharp or dim you can make your kitchen more attractive.


This is something trendy and people love doing this now. You can place tables and chairs in the kitchen and create a sitting space in there. This is useful and saves your space if you do not have for dining table. It is not necessary that chairs and tables must be huge or expensive. There can be wooden table chairs or plastic. The separate space will help you make your food and immediately eat it. And it is convenient for children as they spill and waste food when they sit in bedrooms and eat. You can place tissue box in the table. Other than that you can place ready to eat products in that so your kids can eat and do not need any much help. And if you are in a rush and does not have time to eat then you can grab those ready to eat edibles and can save some time. You can place jam jar, cereals, fruits and other items and can enjoy your food. Other than that add a flower vase on the table it will give a refreshing feel.


There must be some tools added in your kitchen. There must be peelers in the kitchen so you can peel vegetables and fruits within no time. There must be sharp knives that help you cut anything efficiently. Scissors are another tool that helps in the kitchen you can cut packs with its use. Some other tools are juicer blender and sandwich maker, grinder, cutting board these all are optional but these help you make your kitchen very efficient. These are very reasonable and pocket-friendly items. A utensil basket is also really useful so when you wash your utensils you can place them so you can grab them easily. Every small tool and detail matters it is how you maintain and make the most of it.