With advancements and changes in the world every industry has grown and flourished. Some people like large and lavish homes and architects left no stone unturned in making amazing places. Those homes which cover large areas and are modern in designs have a special place for dressing and makeover as well known as dressing room. These rooms are not always present but on special request are added to the architecture. These are mostly attached with bedrooms and is fully furnished mostly.
There are two types of dressing rooms and it depends on the requirement of the client. There are open dressing rooms these are very unique and beautiful. These do not have any doors or any special partition. And to make them more attractive there are no wardrobe doors and sometimes no wardrobe at all. All the clothes are hung on the hangers. There may be handbags, shoes and other accessories may be placed in some cabins without doors. To make these more dressing rooms more convenient full length mirrors are placed in whole room. These mirrors give a more spacious look to the room. But all the stuff must be properly arranged in these type of rooms this will make it more visually aesthetic. Then there comes closed dressing rooms these are made private with proper doors and is specific. Clothes are not displayed in hangers but are placed in cabinets and wardrobes with doors. These kind of dressing rooms can be used by a single person and by other family members as well.
In this article you will get to know how to design your dressing room.
When you are making a dressing room you should be very clear about the style and vibe you want. There are Asian styled dressing rooms which have wooden work all over the place then there are classic styled that are a bit compact and has racks, wardrobes and are kept very neutral. There are industrial styled as well they have a formal style with grey and white tones. These are refined and well-furnished giving a grand look. You can go for anything you want to and can even fuse two styles as well.
It all depends on your requirement and the style of the dressing room you choose. Open dressing rooms require more space and these are mostly made in villas and hotels. Closed dressing rooms are compact and require less space. You can discuss this with your architect for a detailed view.
A dressing room should be well-illuminated that will complete its main purpose. There must be ceiling lights, spot lights and standing lamps placed to give it a proper light system. There must be special lights near wardrobes in the closed dressing rooms and the hanging area in the open dressing room. This will help in finding the clothes, accessories and in makeover. There must be proper lightening near mirrors as well. As this will makes easier to view the clothes and jewellery and makeup after getting ready. This will fulfill the prime purpose of a dressing room. All the wiring must be behind the walls and roof so the dressing room must not give a rough or messy look. It should be kept neat and tidy with a furnished look.
A dressing room must be well-furnished properly refined. It should be well coated and painted so the walls stay fresh and durable for a long term. There must be lamination and to the furniture and wardrobes present so they do not lose their shine and stay up to date and new for a long period of time. These small details will make the dressing room refined and attractive.
The dressing room requires some furniture as well. It must be mindfully selected. There is always need of some chairs, tables and couches. And these must be bought according to the size of the dressing room. A couch must be placed to relax and comfortably sit while selecting your outfit. Other than that if you also do your makeup there then a large broad mirror and a comfortable chair is all you need. There must be cabinets for your makeup and jewellery. And if not you can place them on the tables so they are placed in front. All the stuff displayed in front will benefit you.
A dressing room comes in the luxury and increases the worth of your house. These are mostly present in large homes and in villas. Or you can say it is a personal choice and is made on request. It may work best for fashion designers, models, actresses and other who has this in their profession. And their work demands to have a specific place as a dressing room. It will surely increase the worth if your home. As it is an additional storage place and has some great benefits as well. It makes dressing up so convenient and easy. Mostly professional hire people who dress them up as their work demand to follow fashion trends. They have shootings and so much going on so open style dressing rooms are best for them ans save their time. All the people can opt this room and it also helps them to customize it according to their choice. They will easily know when and where there all stuff is placed. Open style dressing rooms will make your all the clothes, handbags, shoes and other items sorted and you will not create mess. As everything will be displayed easily and in no time you will be in your favourite outfits in your best accessories. All these dressing rooms need is a slight investment and you can make it look better than ever. You can always gain professional help architects will guide you the best and will add a stylish and modern effect to your hole home.