In this busy life and routine finding time out for yourself and the things you love should be your priority . A person becomes a machine when works all day and night. Me time should be a part of routine there should be a time of day when you should focus on the things you love. This practice not only acts as a stress reliever but nourishes your soul as well. Presence of colors enhances everything and adds charm. Gardening is one such activity that is rich with colors and has a soothing effect on your mind and soul.


The touch of green plants rejuvenates ones mind and soul. Gardening as a hobby woks best for you health as well. Being surrounded by flowers and green plants fills you lungs with oxygen and refreshes your mind. The effort a person puts while gardening rewards them after a short time. Nowadays we are always surrounded by pollution and dust. These not only damage our health but we become dull as well. So, we desperately need a place where we can enjoy fresh air. Sitting with plants around which a person has grown by themselves gives immense pleasure. Gardening requires your effort and attention as well. This hobby teaches a lesson of consistency because a person should be consistent in watering plants, flowers, pruning them, trimming them on time and taking care of them from insects and flies. Plants play a major role in our world and it won’t be wrong if I say that they give us the most valuable thing for our life that is oxygen. A person caring and spending time with these beautiful creations helps us to bring out the positivity we have within.


Who doesn’t like colors?
Colors bring life to everything. In your garden flowers works for this purpose. They bring life to your plants and rejoice your garden with their sweet fragrance. Gardening has everlasting benefits it brings out your recreational side and you develop more and more interest in it. Flowers are a gift of nature they make you cheerful and happy. The presence of fresh and joyful flowers induce happy emotions and immediately lightens
up mood and lessens anxiety. Gardening helps you to get close to nature and it is really fun activity to do with children. Looking your plant grow from a seed till it blossoms as a flower brings you sense of achievement. The feeling that you are incharge of the little patch of earth brings contentment and ownership. Everyone wants to spend quality time with their children this activity brings you close to your children and help them teach valuable lessons as well.


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