With the evolving fashion trends over the years everything has changed. The obsession to stay trendy and up to date has taken over everybody’s minds. Every person is in the race to look classier. Be it outfits, shoes, accessories or home decor fashion industry has taken over everything. Flooring is a vital part of interior design. Investing in good flooring increase the enjoyment of your space and increase its resale value as well.


Flooring is the main element of any space be it any house or office. It covers the huge amount of one’s interior design. As it is main part of space decor it should be designed and planned properly. There are so many choices of flooring available in the market but one should keep few things in his or her mind while opting one. A person keep in mind the color scheme of the space. Theme of the interior is also really important one’s flooring should go with the wall paints and overall theme of the space. A person should prioritize their comfort when going for anything related to home decor and interior design. All of the flooring option comes with their pros and cons. One should be really clear about their requirements when comes to choosing.


The flooring can make or break aesthetics of a place. Flooring of a place serves as a foundation to interior design. Your flooring is directly linked with the success or failure of your interior design. Your flooring must be really functional and should have aesthetics as well. It should be according to your usage of space. A floor of your choice brings sense of belonging to that place. Your flooring must go with your furniture if its in bedrooms or living room. If its for the kitchen or bathrooms it can be chose by keeping in mind the color scheme overall and colors of cabinets or drawers. Flooring affects the design of your place. If anyone want changes in their place they must go with changing floors. As flooring has a huge impact on the look of the place. It can instantly make your space look cozier, warmer, smaller, larger or luxe. Flooring can increase the value of your place. Good flooring will attract buyers making your place profitable for you. Flooring requires maintenance and one should take care of their floors by cleaning them or giving them touch ups if they need. As flooring requires your time and money it should be properly maintained. Flooring of any place must be really practical.


There was a time when carpeting was most used in the markets. But now hardwood flooring has taken their place and carpets are only used in shape of rugs only. The main problem faced by carpet users was it trapping of dust. As dust can easily trap in carpets it may cause allergens and becomes a place for mites. The people who have asthma or any sort of allergies find it really difficult to live with carpet flooring. As the dust gets trapped it is very difficult to clean the carpets. It requires vacuuming daily. And if by any chance one is not a daily vacuuming person that the dust particles will get trapped in carpet fibres and will not come out by vacuuming even. Another drawback of carpets is that they are flammable due to their synthetic material olefin. Carpets get dirty really fast and if you have light color carpets such as beige or white colors by any chance they will get dirty really easily. And if you accidently spill anything the stain will be there for almost forever. The stain can get lighter but it will leave its mark for life. Maintenance of carpet flooring is really hard they should be looked after regularly. They could even get dirty if someone comes with shoes on. Carpets are a basically a sensitive flooring. It gets damaged really easily and soaks stains as well. They requires high maintenance and one should be consistent while keeping them they require deep cleansing once a year and must be handed over to professional cleansers after sometime as well. On the other hand, hard wood flooring is easy to maintain. Wood floors are really easy to clean as compared to carpets they only require light brushing, sometimes vacuuming or even mopping can work for them as well. Carpets get shabby have stains or holes and needs to be replaced on after few years of use but good quality wood floors may even get better as the years pass by. Hardwood flooring has proved to be more hygienic than carpeting. As carpets becomes the habitat of fleas, mites and allergens. Carpets can also trap unpleasant odours but on the other hand polished wood give a delightful aroma and it is more inviting for the people. After few years hardwood flooring can also wear and tear and can have scratches but it can be sealed and renewed quite easily as compared to carpets that needs to be totally replaced. This is a more expensive process than renewing wooden floor. So, having wooden flooring is far more budget friendly than using carpets. Another thing that hard wood flooring offers is the timeless appeal that it has. Carpets may come in trend and go but wood flooring never goes out of style. You can polish it after sometime and it will be fresh as ever.


Whenever you are looking for any choices for flooring one should invest in guaranteed and top notch flooring. One time good investment will be beneficial for a very long time. Thus, a person’s space flooring should be according to the look they want to create. By keeping few things in mind one can make their place functional and aesthetic.