Health is a blessing. If a person is not healthy every other thing seems meaningless and dull. Health of a person is his or her most valuable asset. It is a key to lead your life without just living it. Without health nothing can be enjoyed or achieved. As we know health is a state of human human body when it is away from any disease and is in physical, mental, emotional and social well being.



Nowadays humans run after wealth, fame and power. Everybody wants to be in authority. To achieve today’s worlds standards people work day and night. And in all these hustles and busy life health has some home become a secondary priority. That is why people these days are more prone to health hazards. Due to poor diet and disturbed sleep and wake cycles every other person is suffering from obesity, diabetes and other serious medical conditions. This is prime time that people should focus on their health more than anything else. One should take his or health as a blessing and take care of it until it’s too late. Even if a person work hard throughout his life and forgets to take care of health in this process. He or she won’t be able to enjoy the fruit of hard work. A person can’t eat food of their choice when not in good health condition, You can’t go to your favourite places your dream travel destinations if you are not in good condition. There comes a point when your power, authority and wealth becomes of no use when you don’t take care of your health. Being in a good healthy state can make you more happy and productive. You will be able to achieve anything in terms of your work, You can work better in building relations and enjoy your life completely .
There are some components that help you achieve good health and these are:

lRole of diet in your health
Health is an essential part of anyone’s life. A unhealthy person can never feel contentment. Good nutrition plays a major role in good health. Eating clean and healthy should be a person’s priority. Our body is a machine and it needs proper fuel just like other machines. If any person don’t take care of his or her body then like any other machine your body will start to wear and will start causing problems. Our food is our fuel. And it is best that we should give our body the best fuels. A person should try to add more natural products in their diet. By taking proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins one’s body will function more efficiently. By eating unhealthy and junk food all a person will face fatigue, lethargy and will have no energy to enjoy the touch of life. Eating proper diet according to a person’s body requirement is necessary. It not only helps to lead a healthy lifestyle but reduce the risk of other chronic diseases as wel.

Just like eating a proportionate diet is important likewise physical activity is important. Physical activity or exercise is not only essential to burn extra calories but is also vital to stay active and fresh. A person should always try to add some mild workout in his or her routine. Even it is a 30-40 min walk it will help you achieve good health. As muscles play am important role in our body physical activity strengthen them and helps you to stay active and in better health conditions in old age as well. Physical activity helps you maintain your normal weight, it not only strengthens your muscles but promotes joint and bone mobility as well. It is essential to enhance your all within body systems. Physical activity helps you prevent digestive disorders, it strengthens immune system, improves blood circulation and helps prevent many cardiovascular diseases as well. In short physical activity will effect all your body systems in a very positive manner. Physical activity prevents aging. It helps your muscles to relax and contribute to your emotional well and psychological well being as well. Lack of physical activity make you less active and unfit and contributes to bone and joints related disorders, weakens your heart and immune system, causes obesity etc


Having proper sleep is essential in maintaining healthy body. A person should take proper 6 to 7 hours sleep for good body functioning. As we all know a sound mind resides in a sound body. Quality sleep is essential and helps to protect a person’s mental health and aids in well being through out life. A proper sleep is required by our brain to work efficiently. During sleep our brain’s glymphatic system clears out all the waste from our central nervous system. One can have enhanced memory and problem solving skill due to efficient sleep. Quality sleep is important before any task as it helps in better concentration and enhance productivity. Poor sleep and disturbed sleep and wake cycle cause impaired brain functioning and cause sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep deprivation. Poor sleep effects our mental health as well. And in such times one should focus on their mental health. Good sleep is really important for children as it helps in growth and increase brain functionality. So along with good nutrition and moderate physical activity sound sleep is also a key to healthy life style.


A healthy lifestyle is a need of the hour. A person should focus on his or health actively. One should take proper sleep, eat a proportionate diet and should consume all the required calories. Along with these physical activities are a must. A person should make some time for yoga, meditation, walk and workout in their routine. These are pillars of a healthy lifestyle.