Plants are an important part of our lives. It would not be wrong if we say that we are alive because of plants. The air we breathe should be healthy and nowadays due to increasing pollution and gas wastage it seems impossible to inhale air that is free from all the impurities. At this point we have plants to our rescue and we humans should leave no stone unturned to have a clean, healthy environment around us. These plants fulfill are basic need that is oxygen. Other than that these provide us with flowers. Trends in this world are changing so fast. Indoor plants are a new obsession. People from all over the world love to decorate their homes with many indoor plants.


Plants have innumerable benefits. Besides being aesthetically pleasing they improve our local environment. With all millions of benefits these provide with psychological benefits as well. They bring calmness and serenity around you. If you are a plant lover it will surely bring a personal touch at your place as well. In this busy life we humans are looking for a moment to relax. We literally take vacation these days to help our nerves calm down. But with these indoor plants we get to make a place that is worth living and we don’t need a vacation from. What is better than that? The indoor plants improve air quality around us. These even help to reduce dust around our space. The dust particles can be very dangerous to people who are sensitive and can cause serious allergies. These indoor plants are a best choice for such people and these are must-have for them. Another most important thing is that these never go out of style. You can place them in any room you want and they will give nothing but loads and loads of the benefits.


Among the many problems we face today air pollution is affecting our health the most. And the worst part is that it is increasing day by day and going out of control. Air pollutants level is so high these days and it is causing us some major health issues. Just like outdoor plants, indoor plants has a huge impact on air quality as well. There are some plants that produce less carbon dioxide and these are very safe to be placed inside rooms. One of them are palm trees and snake plants. Snake plants are also known to be natural air fresheners. They instantly makes our surrounding and us fresh. The ferns and yucca are the best options for places like offices and other air conditioned areas. These just work as natural air purifiers for us. Indoor plants purifies gases like nitrogen and other natural gases and makes the air around us very healthy to inhale. The other important process plants do is ionization. This process is done by the clumping the dust particles and make them sticky. These dust particles get stick to other stuff and fall to the ground instead of being air-borne. This process makes air essentially cleaner.


If one buys an indoor plant it is their responsibility to provide them with essentials they need to survive. Every plant has different requirements of sunlight and water. So it is best to place them in areas where they get sunlight according to their needs. The low light plants should be placed in dull and dark areas of rooms which are away from sunlight, medium light plants should be placed in parts of room with enough light and high light plants should be placed in very well lit parts of the space that are sunniest. It may be near a window or may be some door which has constant light coming through it. Too much light can make plants bleached and too little can wilt them so it is better to bring a balance between it. Watering plants is an another essential component and is should be done in some manner as well. The watering of plants must be done in right amount and in right intervals. Too much watering can damage the plants. Too much watering can make them soft, brown and eventually of no use. Little watering will make them dull, crispy and they will die. With watering there must be some proper drainage of indoor plant as well. With water and sunlight some nutrients are essential for indoor plants as well. There are many indoor plants fertilizers available in market and they should be added to the soil when needed. Plant pests are a danger to indoor plants as well and one should attentively cater them when there is an outbreak. Plants are a sensitive specie and it is obligatory for us to provide them with all the necessities as they provide us.
Aloe vera is famous for its benefits and is most commonly seen. It has several dermatological uses as well. It is best for those who are concerned about their skin care. Other than that peace lily, snake plant, yucca, ferns, jade plant , dumb cane and many other are used every now and then. Money plants are one of the amazing plants that require no special care. They need very less sunlight and water and provide great aesthetics to a place. These indoor plants reduce temperature and in summer season they makes the specific space much cooler.