Home decor is a very important consideration when you are designing a new house, moving into a new apartment, or simply redecorating your place. When we decide to decorate our home we always have a basic idea of how we want to decorate our own dream house or place. Painting walls play an important role in home decor. It enhances the overall beauty of the house. Painting your home feels like a catharsis as it has a positive effect on your mind, body and soul.

Painting provides a way to upgrade the interior and exterior of your place. There are many important reasons for painting your house. Obviously, good color and a cool combination beautify and add character and personality to your place. Paints also protect your walls from many things like weather, insects and other damage. Painting your walls according to your own taste and style enhance your home decor. It also gives you a feeling of familiarity and a sense of belonging. The truth is that painting holds an overall advantage for your home. Some of these is improving the quality of your home and giving it a new creation. A person becomes dull when his or her surroundings are dull. Painting your walls gives an instant change. It is a very inexpensive way to have a change around you. One must always go for paints that are according to their choice and feel. You should also take of the color schemes of your entire home as painting homes give various effects.


Painting provides a lot of benefits and assistance in home décor. It gives you mind a sense of relief. It makes you feel a lot calmer and a whole lot more relaxed. The Most important factor in a home décor is that wherever you live you live a peaceful life. Painting contributes in a lot of ways to reduce stress and anxiety. If you paint your walls in shades of light and creamy colors your room will feel a lot more spacious and bright while if you paint your walls in dark color it makes your room appear cozy. It can also help to improve your mood and also fight away the waves of depression. But sometimes lighter walls, especially pure white walls can also make your room feel like a boring and emotionless box. Some people pore there emotion while selecting the color of their home. People with cheerful personalities can paint their room in bright and sharp colors like orange, red and yellow, etc .While people with dull and depressed personality can paint their room in light and peaceful colors like light green, sky blue and pink , etc . For rooms that you want to be more productive or want to use it like a home office, library and craft room we can use purple and brown shades to feel more spiritual and to feel strong and more stable. Since ancient times, color has also been used as a source of therapy. As it has natural properties of healing such as green wall paint can make you feel more connected with nature. Painting is a source of visual therapy and source of communication as well. Painting can surely increase the value of your home as a well-furnished place attracts everyone. With painting one can increase the aesthetics of the place and can make it worth living.


To determine which color is the right color for your home decor or which will benefit you the most , try wearing different colors and surround yourself with objects and fabrics of various colors to see how they make you feel. While selecting a color you can also consider you personality and weather you want to feel restful, dramatic and intimate. For creating a quieter feeling we can use soft,cool and neutral colors while we can choose stronger colors for drama. We can also express different ideas and styles. Be mindful of your home’s features and you can also find inspiration form your current furniture and accessories . You also have to decide if you want to have variety of colors or only a single color. To enhance the brightness of a room, Always remember to factor in your light sources. colors will appear different in natural lighting than in artificial lighting. There are different trends in market . we can choose certain colors and make our own pattern and design. The most easy way to choose the right color is to start with the color that are your favorite. bye using the color of your likeness you can use it to make you own color scheme. Your favorite color can be the perfect inspiration for you. Your favourite color will customize your space. It will enhance your self-confidence and critical thinking. There are various interior designers available for you in the market who guide you with perfect color choices for your home.