We always dream for a place that entirely belongs to us. Either small or large it has a sense of belonging. It is basically your comfort zone where you are the authority. Every person wishes for a bedroom that matches their taste, feel, and vibe. This provides one with utter satisfaction and a place to relax as well. This is a place where you know no bounds and can be yourself.


It is an amazing idea to decorate your room with art. Paintings bring life to colorless and dull walls. Every morning when you wake up you get to see your favourite paintings. What is better than that? There are a huge range of paintings in the market. Other than that if you are an art lover you can surely experiment on your walls and create magic. One can go for skylines, abstract, vague expressions or destinations. Anything can bring positivity in your room. One can always go for making paintings of their own and placing in the bedroom. It will further customize the wall. Colors are a basic thing in any interior design. You can go for colorful paintings or can have black and white one. All of these will have a different affect on the whole room.


Pictures are a vital part of our lives. We love to take pictures on any occassion of our lives. Humans go through many phases of lives. We go through roller-coaster if emotions and then forget them. But pictures holds so many memories. Whenever we see them they revive our emotions. All you need to do is to make a wall specific for pictures. You can either paint it or if not they will look good on white walls as well. You just have to collect your pictures of your best memories and with the best people you have. You can prefer any pictures from the days you travelled with your friend as looking at them will give make you remind the exact feels you had there. Then you have to develop them and paste on the walls. Try to paste them in bulk so they will cover the whole wall or at least a portion. You can also add stickers and fun notes there as well. These will make you smile whenever you see them.


String lights are a new obsession these days. These look best in the teenager rooms although others can opt them as well. These decorative lights give a cozy effect in your room. Other than that these are very helpful in winters as they provide warmth. There is a huge variety of these products in the markets. The string lights can be hung on any wall of your choice. You can place them in many creative ways. You can even attach pictures with them as well and hung them. Then there are curtain lights that are available in many shapes. You can hang them with curtains and these works best in the night. LED strip lights are also an amazing option for your bedroom decor. These comes with a remote and you can change the color of your choice as well. Then there are light projectors these are a bit expensive but if you are obsessed with lights than these will work best for you. These light projectors projects images into the ceilings and walls. There are a superb option for placing them in children’s rooms. Children get very fantasized by them and its a best tactic to develop their affiliation for their room. These light projectors can project galaxies, stars and many more stuff.


You must opt this idea only if you are a book lover and books mean something to you. It is best to get yourself a bookshelf and add the books you love. These books must be according to your taste whether you like travel, fiction horror anything. These books must be placed in a well-manages manner. Otherwise it will look like a mess. These books will help you spend quality time in your room. You can enjoy your coffee and choose a book of your choice whenever you feel like reading them. If you don’t have an option of bookshelf or your room is small you can stack your books in a corner and add some string lights around them. These will instantly light up your space. These are a good option to place them in kid’s room as this will urge them to start reading and will get them into constructive hobbies.


Other than the basic bedroom furniture there are few other things that have pleasant affects on your bedroom. An addition of rugs is so important and helpful. You can add a medium sized rug it will help you cover some of your floor. It will give you a restful and cozy effect. With these rugs you can even sit on the floor. One can also place some cushions on these rugs. With these you can also relax on the floor whenever you feel like. Colors of the rugs and cushions must be according to the color scheme of whole bedroom. Or if not you can bought them in contrast. A little mix and match will not hurt. Curtains must be according to the size of the windows. These should also be linked with color scheme. These must not be too large or small but according to the size of windows. If you don’t like string lights you can go for lamps. Standing lamps are very trending these days. These are placed in a corner and do not need much space. Side table lamps are an other good option. These are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can purchase them according to the other furniture.