how to increase worth of your house


Home is a place where you live. If home is decorated or maintained well you love love staying in your house. To make house attractive one should paint house it brightens the house look. Maintaining rooms washroom kitchens they also add a look to your house. While flooring like tiles or hardwork it gives nice finishing to the house. Proper maintained house not only is worth living but also attracts others. Home staging is not important cause it attracts buyers but also you enjoy living in a nice comfortable house. This includes not only interior of the house but also exterior of the house. You should maintain garden.plant some flowers in the garden to give it a nice look.

 Paint of the house



Once you start maintaining your house do paint the walls. Focus on interior and exterior. Doors should also be painted. Black or charcoal painted doors give an aesthetic look to the house. While light colours on the walls give a refreshing look people feel comfortable in such house. Creamy yellow is also a good choice.
Dark colours in the houses don’t go with the bright look of the house. People don’t get attracted to such houses.
When you paint the house it looks well lighted and bright giving a new look to the house. While maintaining house painting is affordable. Always choose light neutral colours according to the rooms. Paint windows doors outside fence. Paint exterior wood after few years so that it doesn’t get damaged with environmental elements. It keeps the wood intact and it looks new.Don’t leave any corner of the house. Cracked windows might cause water penetration so maintaining them will eradicate that issue. If doors and windows are outdated or broken then changing them is a better option for a better house. Broken doors,gateways windows might cause water penetration it may lead to damage which is not noticed but once it is major damage it needs to get sorted. So repair such doors and windows time to time or change them if in budget. Adding lights to the sitting rooms gives it a warmer and brighter look. Focus on roofing as well. During kitchen remodeling keep in mind the style and theme of the house. Make sure that it goes with the rest of the house and also neighbouring kitchens. Don’t use outdated stuff in kitchen like using mismatched stuff. It would give a filthy look to the kitchen. It might look like a suffocated place. Cabinets in the kitchen should be clean and proper painted. Keep appliances in the kitchen. Modern appliances or window over the sink give a nice look to the kitchen it looks trendy. While maintaining house think about the kitchen remodeling specially.
Owner of the house should open up the flow of sunlight to make it look bright and bigger. Vaulted ceilings make people think that it’s a wide place. This house is bigger. Several other ways to increase the light of the house.

Flooring of the house


Hardwood or tiles on the floor are a good option should be chosen according to the house. Hardwood floors increase the worth of the house. Even if you don’t want to sell house it’s a good choice for your house. Hardwood floors are of different types so their prices may also vary according to the type. Like pine wood costs less than other woods like Brazilian wood. But hardwood floor is a good finishing for your house it would increase the worth of the house. It’s a valuable addition to the house. But you should also see other factors aswell.
Tiles on the theme of the room or choice of the person who wants to live in a room. In fact different designs on tiles are also available. So you can go with different colours and designs of the tiles. floor is also a good option you can go for different colour tiles for different rooms according to
Carpeted floors can be a valuable addition to the house. Wall to wall carpets increase the worth as well give a nice look to the house. Dark coloured carpets go well in the rooms. It’s considered that hardwood floor is in demand or it might increase the value of the house but you should always think about the budget. There’s no guarantee that it’s going to increase the value of the house. But yes it would give an aesthetic look to the house. It easy to clean the hardwood floor as well.

 Maintenance of rooms and washrooms

Renovation of rooms and washrooms should be considered cause they totally change the house look making it more pretty and comfortable. Bathrooms are an important part of house. If there’s only one washroom in your house then built an other. If neighbouring houses have more than one washroom than your should built washroom in the house to increase its value and worth. Even If you are not thinking about selling your house you would enjoy the comfort of the house. Update the washrooms with new designs do proper planning to maintain washrooms and give them modern look. Houses with proper maintenance appeal others.
Renovate the rooms as well. Paint them with neutral colours so they look bright and airy. They should not be congested or overstuffed. Windows and doors of rooms should be painted. If not carpeted rooms then put rugs in rooms to give them classy look. Hang some paintings in rooms to give them a great look. Closets should be in every rooms for ease. Finish the unfinished places. If some gallery, room, basement or garage is not properly managed then clean it and make space. Without building any new room making some space in the house increase the worth. clean the corners of the house and don’t put much stuff in corners cause it gives filthy look to the room it might look congested and small. Don’t overstuff rooms. Decorate the rooms with decoration pieces.