Home designing and decor is an important part of life. Without any accessories and designing your home looks dull, cheerless. We always need some colors and life around us. Dull environment affects our mind and health and we get outrageous, frustrated and have no energy at all. Life is fast now we barely have time for large renovation projects. These days people prefer comfort over anything and its not always possible to renovate your space as it is costly. Home renovation needs is a time taking and valuable process. That needs proper attention and someone from the family must be their to supervise. As this is not always possible there must be someways to refresh your home without much investment and investment. Less is more these days without any doubt.
In this article you will get to know some amazing tips to revive your home.


If you have spare table or chairs create a corner in your home. It can go in any style. It maybe traditional, contemporary, minimal but all you have to do is bring your creativity out and create a corner. It would be best if you have an old mirror. Mirrors bring an amazing effect to your place and your corner will surely light up. A table and a mirror will create an effect of console and it will look trendy as well. Now you can place anything you like on it. These can be books, any other accessory it can be anything. If you have not placed photo frames on your walls then you can add photo frames their. If you like flowers then place flowers their within a vase. If not flowers then potpourri placed in any vase will look amazing. You can create this corner anywhere but you need to keep in mind that it should not block or occupy any space.



If you have enough space in your home and some space to move your furniture you can change the setting of your home. You can replace four seater sofa with single ones and vice versa. If this does not look feasible and you have space that is not occupied yet you can add a couch in your living room. When it comes to bedroom there you can change the direction of your bed if feasible. It will instantly refresh your room and you will love it. Other than that a couch from living room can work in your bedroom as well. Couches and a pair of single seated sofas can always make way in your bedroom. It will make some seating space in your bedroom as well other tan beds.


Clocks are the most beautiful accessories of any home. There is literally no home without clock. Not only home but no offices, malls, commercial areas. Clocks are available in several designs ans types. From artistic to simple you name it and its here. Some antique style clocks look supremely classy and changes the look of your home. Floor clocks are a bit costly but if you get to buy one it will amplify the beauty of that corner. You only need to mindfully choose the corner and clocks surely boost the beauty of your home and room. Trays and small containers are also widely used in homes. There are no thought as home decor items but if kept correctly they can boot your corners and tables as well. The trays can be placed on tables and can be used to hold magazines, files and any other documents. The beautiful and embellished stainless steel trays are easily available any where. These are used efficiently to organize small items. These can be kept in bathrooms and you can place your essentials and toiletries. These can be utilized on dressing table and you can organize your makeup,jewellery anything you want. This will help to keep them organized and small accessories and items will not get lost. Small containers in kitchen are very useful. These are used to keep spices, cookies or any other edible item. Most of the containers are air tight so the food remains hygienic as well. Trays in the kitchen can be utilized to keep fruits and vegetables. Other than this trays alone are a beautiful piece of art. You can keep them in your drawing rooms, centre coffee tables and on your side tables. They are available in antique look as well it deepens their look and will look superb in your home.


You can not buy new sofas it is expensive. So you can explore and if you happen to like a particular color then you can go and buy the new coverings of your sofas. It is the best way to save money as sofa covers are quite economical. it will instantly change the look of your home and you will feel fresh. This surely is smart spending of money. It requires less times and your sofas are renewed as well. Other than that if you like your present sofas and don’t want to change the color scheme or anything. You can deep cleanse your sofas, couches and seaters. Due to dust, pollution and dirt the color of the furniture fades away. This deep cleansing will wash away all the impurities and the actual color will appear. . Cushion covers can be bought in contrast and the old ones can replace the cushion covers of your bedroom. Contrast and mix n match of colors looks amazing all you have do is be innovative. And with less expenditure you can do wonders surely.
All these ideas will bring make you productive and will take out your inventive side. You can always take some inspiration from anywhere and can apply it. Your home is a beautiful place and you can enhance it with small additions as small details matters.