A home is nothing without furniture in it. We cannot do anything if we do not have furniture to sit, eat, rest and sleep etc. furniture is a necessary of daily life. Everything including mirrors, chairs, table, beds etc, are known as furniture. There are many trends going on nowadays. Some people arrange and organize their house with modern furniture while other set antique and traditional furnishing. They arrange their according to their taste or design in their minds. We can also take help from a professional. They know all the new trends and designs.


Antique and traditional furniture have their significance. Having antique and traditional furniture in our home gives our home an overall traditional look, which can be very beautiful to look. Antique can be a wiser investment because they have more potential that will increase over time than newer furniture pieces. An antique and traditional furnishing are classic. It can be cost-friendly also. We can buy antique and traditional furniture in fair price. Antique furniture is rare also. They are often made especially on demands. These furniture gives a traditional look to your whole place and revive old charm. We must always take our culture and traditions with us and these are the best way. These look more better in larger homes as compared to flats or apartments. The old word charm has its own uniqueness.


The modern furniture are made with new materials and manufacturing methods. People who like simple and uncluttered spaces set modern furniture in their houses. Embracing materials and textures exposure is a modern feature in modern style. It adds a vibrant spirit to your space and makes it look more special and inciting. We can take help from interior designer. They can guide us and make us explore the idea which we have in our minds. People run after latest trends these days. The obsession of trends has taken over the minds of all people. Nowadays there are a lot trendy furniture in the market. There are more light weight furniture these days. Some are expensive and some are very economical. Contemporary furniture is very appealing they are simplistic in design and very practical in use.
There are some trendy designs of furniture listed below


This design has features like cushions that are built in, geometric shapes. It also has many colors. We can choose the color of our choice while choosing this bench as our home furniture. It gives a brilliant 3D effect. It is bench with some added personality than any other simple bench. These are frequently used these days and are a really good purchase.


A Floating wall desk is a cool design in modern furniture. This desk have unique feature like a full slide out tray and wire management slot than any ordinary desk. It was designed by Dario Antonioni. He eliminated the need for legs for desk. People can use this desk while sitting as well as standing


A person is never too old for a swing. We can make use of it in indoors as well as outdoors. It looks like a basket swing. These are available in a wide range in market in various designs. Other than these some are made up of strong stainless steel and some are wooden. All have their own charm and enhance your home decor. These also provide increase in the aesthetics of the place. One can enjoy their coffee and tea wile sitting on them. These are great to place in your lawns as well. These look great in gardens. These are a good option for kids as well.


“Once upon a time’ bookshelf design by Fabio Vinella is a unique and fun design. This cool piece doubles as a sea. There are many bookshelf in world in different design but this design is unique in its own way. These book shelves are a best option for all the book lovers. They can add these wooden book shelves in their bedrooms or living rooms. They can arrange their books and can get one whenever they want. These have dual functions as they are a great source of home decor as well. These wooden book shelves look very pleasing and a great way to decorate your place.


In piano hanger, if we want to hang our coat or hats you need to unfold the hooks first when you need them. Then we should straighten them when they are not in use. They are made child friendly. It was designed by Patrick Seha for Belgian furniture and accessory manufacture Feld


If you live in a small place or you don’t want your lamp to accumulate more than necessary space than this lamp is the best choice. It is flat lamp. This plastic pieces acts as the shape of a classic lampshade. The bulb is the whole main thing. It was designed by Florence-based designer Sabrina Fossi. The other standing lamps are a great addition to your space. These doe not occupy much space and are pleasing to the eyes as well. There are other great options for side lamps in the market as well.



As the name shows the bed rocks but this will not make you sea-sick. It looks really cool and amazing. It was designed by Jeo Manus from modern, eco- friendly furnishing company Shiner International. Other than these beds are an essential part of your home. Whenever choosing bed for your home it must be according to the size of your room. Too large beds may cause some trouble and can make your room congested. There are several designs for beds in the market. Each is a master piece at its place.
All these furniture designs are trending this year. But one should always look for their comfort over anything. One should always prefer quality furniture over quantity.